General Waste

Our general waste collection service takes care of all non-recyclable waste produced by your business including low grade plastics, polythene & unrecyclable packaging. Many businesses often combine our general waste service with a recycling service. This ensures that your waste is segregated effectively, helping you to meet current waste legislation. Whatever the size of your business, we have waste removal services for you. We assess your waste requirements, the number of business locations, the type of waste and the number of collections needed, to ensure the package is based on the individual needs of your business.


Mixed Recycling

What is Mixed Recycling?

Our Mixed Recycling collection service is a simple and efficient way for you to dispose of your clean recyclable waste, which:

  • provides a cost-effective solution for you to manage your recyclable waste and comply with regulations and legislation
  • reduces your impact on the environment
  • reduces the costs (due to landfill tax) which you would face if your waste was disposed of together

Clean dry recyclates composed of:

  • Paper - e.g. dry paper waste, newspapers, office paper and magazines
  • Cardboard – e.g. corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes and card
  • Metal cans – e.g. clean, empty drinks cans and food tins
  • Plastic – e.g. packaging films, rinsed out milk bottles, empty drinks bottles & clean salad trays, rinsed out margarine tubs & microwaveable meal trays


Food waste

Why should businesses recycle food waste?

  • It’s the law in Scotland, if you are a food producing business with more than 5kg of food waste produced per week. Don’t risk not complying and a £10,000 fine!
  • The good news is an effective recycling scheme will help you save money as you become more aware of where and how you are wasting food.
  • Having it as a separate waste stream will also prevent contamination of other waste helping with recycling of all your other materials
  • There are numerous environmental reasons too such as preventing waste to landfill and cutting back on harmful greenhouse gas emission.


What can we offer?

  • When you sign up as a customer we’ll do a complete waste audit on your business requirements. This includes:
  • Providing you with a bin ranging from a kitchen caddy to a 240 litre wheelie bin as part of the service
  • A collection schedule to suit your needs


Glass waste

We offer a cost effective, reliable glass collection and recycling service

We can provide cost effective, reliable glass collection services. Whatever the size of your business, we can offer small and medium capacity bin collection services to recycle your glass.